Australia is the third sough after country by international students after USA and UK.
It now has over 200 000 international students from over 140 countries around the world enrolled in any given year over a wide range of disciplines and at every level of education, from short-term English courses through to post-doctoral research.

Course qualifications and entrance requirements

Australia has a national set of qualifications, which are endorsed by the Australian government. This means that there is national and international recognition of each qualification and the education level it serves.
The Australian education system is highly regarded and internationally recognized. University entry is competitive and academic standards are high. All universities are considered "accredited" and are closely monitored by the Australian Government which has a strong commitment to the provision of quality higher education. All but 2 of the 39 universities are public institutions and are government funded.

The types of awards offered by most institutions include:


Bachelor degree (pass):
provides initial preparation for professional careers and postgraduate study, and involves a minimum of three years full-time study. Entrance generally requires the completion of an Australian Secondary School Certificate of Education (Year 12) or the overseas equivalent, or a Diploma or Advanced Diploma from the vocational education sector.

Bachelor degree (honours): may be taken as an additional year following the three year degree or is awarded on the basis of meritorious achievement in degrees of four or more years.


Graduate Certificate / Diploma: generally designed for specific vocational purposes, either the broadening of skills and knowledge already gained in an undergraduate program, or the gaining of vocational skills and knowledge in a new professional area. The typical requirement is six months of full-time study for the Graduate Certificate and twelve months of full-time study for the Graduate Diploma. Entrance usually requires a Bachelor Degree or Advanced Diploma and may also be accessed in part by recognition of prior learning.

Masters degree: provides a mastery or high-order overview of a relevant field of study or area of professional practice. Typically they involve two years of study after a Bachelor degree or one year after a bachelor honours degree. The Masters degree may be offered in three main formats:

Coursework: comprised of coursework, project work and research in varying combinations. Entry normally requires the prior completion of a Bachelor degree, a Bachelor honours degree or a Graduate Diploma.

Research: comprised of at least two-thirds research with a substantial, often externally assessed, thesis outcome. Entry typically requires a Bachelor Honours degree or Masters preliminary year, a research-based Graduate Diploma or equivalent research experience.

Professional: which may involve a work-based project. Entry requires a relevant qualification and professional experience or extensive relevant professional experience.

Doctoral degree: recognises a substantial original contribution to knowledge in the form of new knowledge or significant and original adaptation, application and interpretation of existing knowledge. The doctoral degree comes in two forms:

Research: which consists mainly of supervised research. Entry requires a research or part-research Masters degree or a Bachelor honours degree.

Professional: which is achieved though a combination of coursework and research. Generally applicants would be expected to hold a combined research and coursework Masters degree or a Bachelor Honours degree. The program requires professional practice experience either before or during the course.

Average tuition costs

Bachelor degree: AU$10 000-AU$13 500 a year (based on arts, accounting, business and management, and at the higher range, on law courses)

Laboratory-based bachelor degree: AU$11 000-$A16 500 (based on science and engineering courses)

Graduate Certificate / Graduate Diploma: AU$9000-AU$16 000 per year

Masters and Doctoral degree: AU$11 000-AU$30000 per year

English Requirmnets

An IELTS Score of 6.5 is recommended for all post graduate programmes.

Part Time job
Inetrnatioanl students can do part time job as per rules

Generally in July and January

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