Canada has been ranked the best country in the world to live, on the United Nations Human Development Index for most of the 1990s. Canada's bilingual and multicultural heritage, along with a strong education system, is important components which have contributed to this impressive designation.

In Canada, multicultural reality is the stage for the internationalization of campuses, communities, and the country. This process ensures that graduates of Canadian institutions will have the international skills to work and live in an increasingly diverse global academic, cultural, and business environment.

Quality and Innovation

A quality education is one of the cornerstones for success in today's knowledge-based society.
Students from around the world, the leaders of tomorrow, need the skills and training to work and live in a complex international business and academic environment. Students need to be educated by innovators and leaders - Canada's post-secondary system has the faculty who can provide innovative instruction and develop leadership skills.

Extensive Program Choices

The Canadian public post-secondary system offers international students a wide variety of programs. There are a range of short-term programs (less than 3 months), which include English/French as a Second Language (ESL/FSL) programs, specially designed study tours and international executive training. Long-term graduate and bachelor programs in the humanities, sciences, and the professions, offered at our universities, are recognized around the world. Our university colleges, colleges and institutes also offer excellent bachelor degrees, university transfer, career technical and vocational training.

Public post-secondary institutions in Canada meet the highest standards and are government accredited. These standards are recognized around the world, as evidenced by the number of credit transfer agreements between Canadian and international institutions.

Studying in British Columbia

In British Columbia (BC) and other provinces, a great deal of effort has been made to ensure that transfer from institution to institution within the province and between provinces is as convenient and simple as possible. BC's 28 integrated public universities, university colleges, colleges and institutes have agreements in place which allow students to track how their education can progress from institution to institution until their educational needs have been met.
For example, a student may choose to start his/her business degree at a BC college and after successful completion of his/her first 2 years of pre-requisites, decide to transfer into the third year of a degree program at one of BC's universities, or university colleges. The system is flexible, linked and integrated. As a recent graduate from Germany remarked, "The BC system is great. I have more personal choices and the flexible studies make it easier to succeed."

After Graduation:

British Columbia's Universities

One year after graduation, over 95% of all graduates from BC's universities were satisfied with their bachelor's program and almost all (95%) agreed that they learned a great deal from their program of study. (Hawkeye, C., Lee, R. Class of '96 One-Year After Graduation, Victoria, University Presidents' Council, 1999)

Some student responses were: "I learned to think critically and was able to meet people from all walks of life. I became more open minded."
"I had a lot of good professors who increased my passion for my subject area."

British Columbia's University Colleges, and Institutes

The high satisfaction was likewise the case with BC university colleges, colleges and institutes, and former students were very positive about their educational experiences.

Students' high level of satisfaction reflect both the quality of education provided and the growing range of services available to BC's diverse college and institute student population. (1998 BC College and Institute Student Outcomes Highlights, Centre for Education Information)

For further details on study in British Columbia, contact:

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